People Empowering Politics



I will be proposing a democracy where the world is governed by ten unions, each containing four large states.

This allows each of those four member states to decide if they wish to be part of a federal or confederal union.

This means you could have a union with two or three member states forming a federation, while the other two or one are more independent.

The reason for four member states, is that they would have the economies of scale needed, to fund a military capability to defend themselves.


Introducing tax brackets based around the minimum wage salary of full-time employment for income tax and dividends. While also reforming other taxes such as corporation and capital gains.

Also creating a four-day working week by removing Monday from the actual week, as having three days off a week could be unattainable for certain professions.

A housing market that encourages more home ownership and housing that is built to accommodate families.


I will be introducing Dual Constituency, in which the electorate will vote locally in their small constituency with their results being sent to their large constituency.

With each party receiving their winning seats, they would rank their candidates in order of votes they locally won. This means your vote has a dual purpose in generally supporting your party and your local candidate.

Christopher E Packer